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There are multiple artists named Keith:

1. Keith (born James Barry Keefer)

Keith (born James Barry Keefer) was a U.S. vocalist and one-hit wonder. His first record deal with Columbia Records resulted in the 1966 single, "Caravan of Lonely Men" credited to Keith & the Admirations. Keith then moved to Mercury Records and released his solo debut, "Ain't Gonna Lie."

He is best remembered for the hit "98.6".

His second LP, 1968's "Out of Crank" failed to create public interest. The nadir came when U.S. Army officials nabbed him for draft evasion in the middle of a concert tour. He was inducted and stationed for a year in New Jersey. When he got out, Keith did some independent recording and joined Frank Zappa's 1973 touring band.

Keith recorded one last album, for RCA Records, with no luck, and then left the music business until 1986, when an attempted comeback under his real name proved unsuccessful. He also set up A.I.R. Records and produced albums for several local bands. In the 1990s the singer moved into the television industry, although he continues to play live dates.


Oli Bayston – Vocals, Keys,
John Waddington – Bass
Johnny Winbolt-Lewis - Drums
Mark Nicholls - Guitar

KEITH – Not one, but four lads from four parts of England (Essex, Ealing, Shrewsbury and Leeds) meeting in (Greater) Manchester on a music course. Four headstrong characters, with wildly different musical roots, these guys are keen for their ideas & instruments to complement each other & so a strong democracy of songs prevail.

‘We don't see a problem with having a broad sound,’ says frontman Oli Bayston. ‘In fact, we see it as a benefit.’ Born into classical musicianship, while the oblique, brooding lyrics he sings examine the layers in relationships, both personal & sometimes political, he speaks more of Manchester’s Acid House heritage than the Stone Roses, any band similarities based more on their unwillingness to be part of any geographically based scene.

Bassist John Waddington, for several years a teenage techno dj, inspired by free hardcore barn parties in Shropshire, designs all the bands artwork himself and thus strengthens the band’s identity in his graphic art alter-ego “Wadders”.

Drummer Johnny Winbolt-Lewis seems to possess the drive for musicianship that took his dad to represent the UK in the Mexico Olympics. He obsessively absorbs & spits out music, a regular gig-goer turning other drummers onto Afrobeat legend Tony Allen, practising religiously, & watching obscure videos of Can, or DJs Cut Chemist & Numark “Keeping Time” with classic funky drummers : “it’s looking for the feel & listening for what’s going’ on around you rather than just studying the music. You hear it with the big bands like Radiohead & Blur, they’ve got a more simple, spacious feel”.

Guitarist Mark Nicholls, combines an ear for the classic song with echoes of African hi-life on current single ‘Back There’, or Eno’s avant garde textures on ‘The Miller’.

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