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JK is the alias of at least 6 artists:

1) JK's vocalist's real name is Marta Simlat. The name of JK was chosen by chance. 'We were looking for something short, easy to say and something that was catchy. JK it's easy for people to remember' explains Marta.

The first single You Make Me Feel Good was a chart success in Europe and Canada. After that Marta became a part of the group and the singles Beat It and the classic Italo track You and I were released (thanks to the success of You and I in France her photo was on the cover of the Dance Machine 6 compilation) with many beautiful remixes. You and I peaked # 3 in Israel. In 1996 the track My Radio was released. The vocalist's voice seemed to be different, whereas Marta remained the official leadsinger. The maxi contained a disco version, but also a great euro version. It took Europe by storm and opened the Japanese market for the artist. Afterwards an explosive Megamix was released.

After the song Sweet Lady Night, which was accompanied by a sizzling video, we did not hear anything from J.K. until 1998, when the song Go On was released. Then a year after she came back with Deep In The Night. In a Canadian interview, she told an album was planned afterwards.

2) JK aka J.K. — Electric guitarist Joel Kipnis - or "JK, " as the smooth jazz world will know him - is an amazingly unselfish musician, not only including his keyboardist Dinky Bingham and featured vocalist Robyn Springer on the back cover of his Verve Forecast debut What's The Word - but deferring lead parts and solos to them as well as other bandmembers more often than not throughout the disc. Kipnis will establish a theme, then kick around in the background while Bingham sprouts a frenetic bluesy organ solo, Scott Kreitzer sparks some fancy improvisations on sax, and Jim Hynes eases in on trumpet, all in rapid succession. The tagteaming bears the most fruit on the funkiest cut "In the Pocket," where Bingham bubbles under JK's slick lines while Hynes waits for an open door to chime in a measure or two. While JK isn't always the one who stands out most on each cut, give him credit for aiming for solid ensemble vibe. The few full on instrumentals are a blast. Problems come, however, from the overreliance on Springer's rich vocals. Nothing against her whatsoever, and the numerous songs she fronts are all pleasant late night romantic moodpieces. But the band - showing so much potential on the jams - has little opportunity to blow on these - a brief harmony line here, a laid back and truncated solo there. Most of these are mid tempo ballads which, while perfect for radio, hardly allow for cutting loose. While it's a solid intro to some fine new talents, it's hard to figure what Kipnis wanted here * to establish himself as a R&B oriented guitarist extraordinaire or to give his friend Springer an outlet. Both are truly gifted; next time, solo albums from each would be the best bet. ~ Jonathan Widran, All Music Guide

3) JK is also the acronym of British blogger and producer, Jacob Masters, from Birmingham, UK. He has released the What is Gabba For? mixtape, which is a best of 2007 mixtape from the mp3 blog

4) JK hiphop producer from Enschede, The Netherlands.

5) Zambian artist, Jordan Katembula.

6) An alias of Argentinian Techno juggernaut Jonas Kopp.

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