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There are three acts under the name Fitz. There is a Canadian group and it was also the name German actor and musician Michael Fitz used in the early stage of his career.

Greg and David Fitzpatrick are singers and songwriters that produce, arrange and play their own music. They have worked throughout Canada, the United States and Australia.

Using Newfoundland, Canada as their home base, the brothers began their careers in their early teens. Greg being the older brother began writing, performing and producing for a group called “The Lords of London”, for whom he wrote a number one Canadian hit, “Cornflakes and Ice Cream”. For doing this, he received a BMI Award.

After a name change, the band evolved into “Nucleus”, with Greg writing and producing the very influential and successful album “Nucleus” out of A & R Studio’s New York City. The album subsequently became a Gold album and much sought after collectors idem. This album has become known as one of the most progressive albums of all time, as well as a definitive source of inspiration for many Canadian musicians.

Younger brother David began playing bars at the young age of 12 with his mother’s favorite local band, “Black Magic”. At that time he was already playing drums, bass, harmonica, guitar and some piano. David wrote his first song at age 10 and recorded it at age 12 overdubbing all the instruments. David later went on to tour as bass player with Canadian legends on the Celtic scene “Figgy Duff”. Greg and David teamed up full time when David was 15 years old. They toured all over Canada and the United States together.

David took a break from the brother’s act to tour extensively with a group called “The Fables”. They released 3 CD’s with the first one going Gold. They are the only group in Canada to do this without a label other than “The Bare-naked Ladies”. They won numerous Awards including The Entertainers of The Year at the 2002 East Coast Music Awards.
This event has become the Juno’s for the East Coast of Canada.

As a producer/ arranger and session player, David has 72 albums credited to his name. He owns his own studio and has spent countless hours mastering his craft and music.
Dave and Greg Fitzpatrick write, produce, and perform their original songs to enthusiastic audiences and have built a loyal fan base in their home country. Presenting songs from their vast catalog of over 1000 originals, the FITZ Brothers are excited to share their music and insights with the world. 'Out of the Blue', their initial offering as a group has 14 songs on the CD. Their music invokes many influences that David and Greg have had over the years. The FITZ'S have incorporated these influences into their own style and unique sound, a sound that only Brothers can achieve.

Fitz is also the melancholic punk rock sociologist from Noviot Pochetok and Retro Cabaret (Macedonia) doing some self-centered acoustic shit.



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