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"Destiny is NOT a matter of Chance, Destiny is a matter of Choice, we simply love to make music," said Jason Hughes of Dust For Life. Whether to write and play original music is not something Dust For Life does for popularity or to fuel a social calendar- it's what they do to feel alive. "It came down to when we could get this record together and not if we could," says Jason. "All I have ever sought to accomplish in music is to get my emotions, feelings, passion down on tape and be able crank it in my car while driving as fast as possible!" Music is life's blood to these guys and that's as obvious now as it ever was.

This becomes clear one song into Dust For Life's much anticipated 3rd full length studio record, "The Consequence of Vanishing," is set to be released in August of 2008. From the first vocal strains of "Gold Dust" to last drumbeats of "Better Than You Know".

Dust For Life's "The Consequence of Vanishing" boasts serious heaviness, but never shys away from soaring melody, making their songs instantly familiar and instantly memorable. Their blend of well-crafted lyrics and dynamic hooks has grabbed the attention of more than a few radio programmers. DFL's goes for "ADDS" with their song, Gold Dust starting early September 2008 and are fully backing all airplay with promotions and giveaways.

DFL caught the ear of America on their debut CD (Wind-Up) with the song, "Step Into The Light," which reached 7 on Billboard's Active Rock Charts and landed them on tour with CREED, Nickelback, and 3 Doors Down for nearly 2 years. "Step Into The Light" was added at 43 radio stations the first week out, including KROQ in New York and L.A. Eventually being played on 337 radio stations and released in 22 foreign countries put DFL on everyone's radar as an up and coming hard rock act. "Step" and the follow up single, "SEED", paved the way for tons of radio play and festival shows for the band including: WHFS in D.C., The Buzz in Houston, Planet Radio in Jacksonville, WJRR in Orlando, WLRS in Louisville, with stops at Musicfest in Memphis on the Main Stage as well as SpringJam in Huntsville.

Chris Gavin and Jason Hughes, the core of DFL and the songwriters keep rocking on. "We are back with a new record and the beginnings of a great team and we're really looking forward to re-connecting with our fans," says Jason.

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