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Drudkh (meaning "wood" in Sanskrit) is an atmospheric black metal band from Kharkiv, Ukraine formed in 2002.

Drudkh was founded by Roman Saenko, the leading member of Hate Forest; Thurios, the leading member of Astrofaes; and Yuriy Sinitsky, of Lucifugum and Definition Sane. Their strongly folk-influenced music focuses on a dense atmosphere with a lot of feeling, and the lyrical contents embrace Slavic mythology, seasons and poetry. Many of the band's lyrics are derived from the works of nineteenth and twentieth century Ukrainian poets, especially Taras Shevchenko.

"During all its history, the band followed a 'no photos, no interviews, no website, no gigs' policy, which was nobly accepted by Drudkh's new label Season of Mist. The absence of any comments or information from Drudkh's side gave an opening to a few ignorant internet warrior-fans to spread rumors, that the band embraces extreme political views. This is absolutely misleading and a total profanation, since there is nothing in Drudkh's music or lyrics that would suggest any political outlook. Drudkh praise individualism, self-improvement and estrangement from modern values." Roman Saenko (2008)

2003 – Forgotten Legends
2004 – Autumn Aurora
2005 – Лебединий шлях (The Swan Road)
2006 – Кров у наших криницях (Blood in Our Wells)
2006 – Пісні скорботи і самітності (Songs of Grief and Solitude)
2007 – Anti-Urban (EP)
2007 – Відчуженість (Estrangement)
2009 – Microcosmos
2010 – Пригорща зірок (Handful of Stars)
2010 – Slavonic Chronicles (EP)
2012 – Вічний оберт колеса (Eternal Turn of the Wheel)
2014 – Thousands of Moons Ago / The Gates (split with Winterfylleth)
2014 – Eastern Frontier in Flames (Compilation)
2015 – Борозна обірвалася (A Furrow Cut Short)
2016 – Той, хто говорить з імлою / Pyre Era, Black! (One Who Talks with the Fog / Pyre Era, Black!) (split with Hades Almighty)
2016 – Betrayed By The Sun / Hägringar (split with Grift)

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