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After Kaporal Maïky, Admiral T, Jeune Sergent and Caporal Nigga, Colonel Reyel is the new soldier of the Antilles dancehall army. The 26-year-old artist owes his success to his single "Celui", a title that immediately won over fans of ragga zouk.

A native of Guadeloupe, Colonel Reyel spent his childhood in Paris, France. Before entering the reggae dancehall scene, Reyel had a passion for rap. In the early 2000s, he sang in a band of deejays known as the Septentorial Crew. The group's line-up has changed several times since then. Septentorial Crew now consists of Mad Mike, Mäster Mägnum, Twente and Colonel Reyel.

It was in 2004 when Reyel's passion for dancehall music was born after his stay in the Antilles. Back in France, he decided to create his own group by choosing an original stage name: "Colonel Reyel". According to him, his main mission is to serve His Imperial Majesty Hailé Selassié I, Emperor of Ethiopia considered the legitimate leader of the land from the Rastas.

Colonel Reyel began his singing career by performing in the Parisian districts with his fellow dancehall soldiers between 2004 and 2006. He became known to the general public due to his many freestyle filmed demonstrations. As such, a video freestyle riddim in which he appears alongside his friends Edalam and Little T. Très, revealing his talent, was highly appreciated by the public, generating a large number of views online.

Two years later, Colonel Reyel released an album entitled "Boomaz Mixtape Vol 1", including the title "Crise de l’emploi."

After a long journey into the world of music, the group Septentorial Crew released in 2010, a compilation entitled "Sound Storm." This album contains over 28 tracks mixing hip-hop and dancehall, with four songs performed by Reyel, namely: "Il faut se battre", "Chanjé a tan," "Lyrikal tsunami" and "Texto".

On his own, Colonel Reyel prepared, during the same year, the release of a new compilation called "100% ragga zouk", which contained a highly appreciated track "Celui". The production of this album, released under the label Step Out, was handled by Krys, a famous reggae-dancehall artist originally from Guadeloupe, known by his real name, Pédro Pirbakas.

Another underground riddim, produced by Septentorial Crew, followed shortly in late 2010. Colonel Reyel also plans to release a new production in 2011.

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