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Breather Resist was an American hardcore band from Louisville, Kentucky, USA. Breather Resist formed in 2002 and recorded 8 songs, 4 of which were on handmade demos. These 8 songs became their first EP, Only in the Morning, released on Deathwish Inc.. The release was praised by many as being at the forefront of the next great wave of heavy music. Their first LP, Charmer, was released on Jade Tree Records in October 2004, having been produced by Kurt Ballou. In December 2005, lead singer Steve Sidoni left the group; guitarist Evan Patterson and bassist Nick Thieneman assumed the vocal duties. They entered the studio in early 2006 but found their sound had changed significantly, thus, changed the name from Breather Resist to Young Widows. After leaving Breather Resist, vocalist Steve Sindoni started a new band called Pusher.

Evan Patterson - Guitar (Young Widows, Black Cross, The National Acrobat)
Nick Thieneman - Bass (Young Widows, Brain Banger, Black Cross)
Geoff Paton - Drums (Young Widows, Trophy Wives)
Steve Sindoni - Vocals (Pusher)

• The Second Half 7" (Initial Records, 2003)
• Only in the Morning (EP) (Deathwish Inc., 2003)
• Patent Cruciform Casket 12" (King Of The Monsters Records, 2003)
• Charmer (Jade Tree Records, 2004)
• Split w/ Suicide Note (Hawthorne St. Records, 2004)
• Split w/ Harkonen (Happy Couples Never Last, 2004)
• Split Session (EP) (Nova Recordings, 2004)
• Full of Tongues 7" (Auxiliary Records, 2005)

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